Bulk/Shipping - Know How

In BULK/SHIPPING we handle dry and liquid bulk vessels, ro/ro liner services and shipyard dockings, amongst others.

Our well trained team of shipping experts ensures a smooth expedition of all vessel calls around the clock every day of the year.

Our bulk terminal, FREDERICIA BULK TERMINAL, is one of Denmarks largest and most automated bulk terminals.

We manage  more than 20 individual bulk storage compartments with a total storage area of about 15.000  m2 and a storage capacity of about 120.000 tons of grain, feed stuffs, wood pellets, fertilizer etc.

Most  compartments have 6 m. pressure proof walls. The majority of the compartments have automatic top filling and semiautomatic emptying via underground conveyors. Filling and emptying capacity is typically 300 tons per hour. Automatic temperature control manages the airing of the products in most of the compartments so that the quality of the product is preserved under best possible storage conditions.

Through our own weigh bridge and flow weigh systems we ensure the best possible documentation and control of in and out take from the terminal.

We offer bagging via our own bagging lines in Fredericia and Grenaa of e.g. grain, fertilizer, wood pellets, salt etc. in 5-50 kgs plastic bags with a capacity of approx. 1200 bags per hour.

We load 20’ ocean going containers with grain and we screen wood pellets prior to delivery or before bagging via our own silo batteries.

Vessel loading and discharging is performed via own ship loader or by crane grab with a capacity up to 600 ts per hour directly to and from the storage compartments.
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