DHAB 2016

General Terms

All stevedoring and related port work is performed under the General Conditions of Danske Havnevirksomheder 2016 DHAB 2016). Full version is available at the link below.

The said General Conditions limit our liability for any loss, deterioration or damage in respect of goods to 2 SDR per kilogram or to 666.67 SDR per package.

Compensation for any delay shall not exceed the price for the execution of the task. However, compensation for any one event, including delays, shall not exceed 25,000 SDR, and if more than one Orderer suffer a loss due to damage occurring on one and the same occasion, our liability to all Orderers concerned shall, in certain respects, be limited to 500,000 SDR.

Some claims against us become time-barred after 10 months. We have a lien for present and previous claims, and we charge interest on overdue payments at 2 % per commenced month. Amounts due to us shall not be subject to any right of set-off.

General Conditions of Danske Havnevirksomheder 2016 (DHAB)