Taulov Container & Rail Terminal (TCRT)

Terminalen er beliggende KONGENS KVARTER 11, ca. 5 KM fra depotet på havnen og ca. 1 KM fra motorvejsafkørsler 60/61 i nord, syd og østgående retning.

På YouTube kan der ses yderligere drone videoer.

Skriv blot 76202020 i søgefeltet på YouTube.

Service description
Date of issueance: 10/12-2020
General information

1.1. Introduction
Taulov Container and Rail Terminal (hereafter TCRT) is the name of the facility operated by Fredericia Shipping A/S. This service description has been drawn up as required in the context of EU Implementing Regulation 2017/2177. Under the scope of this regulation, TCRT renders intermodal transshipment and storage services for trailers and containers between rail and road transportation modes. This document is published on: https://www.fredericiashipping.dk/da/Page90

1.2. Contact details
Fredericia shipping A/S, Møllebugtvej 5, DK-7000 Fredericia
Tel. +4576202020
Mail: container@fredericiashipping.dk
1.3. Validity period
This document is valid from the 1st of January 2021 and will be updated if necessary. Changes to this document will be apparent on the web page. Existing and potential customers are notified by e-mail.

2.1. Basic service provision
- Intermodal transshipment and storage services for trailers and containers between rail and road transportation modes.
2.2. Additional services
- Repair of trailers and containers
- Stuffing and stripping of trailers and containers
- Various ancillary services

Terminal description

3.1. TCRT
The terminal consist of an approximate 40.000 m2 large concrete stone paved operational area, fenced, lighted and access controlled with 2 x 600 m rail tracks.
3.2. Name and address details
TCRT is located at Kongens Kvarter 11, DK-7000 Fredericia, station code 86-00081-0
3.3. Operating hours
The terminal is operational normal working days (excluding weekends and public holidays) from 06:00 to 18:00 hours.
3.4. Technical data
TCRT has: 2 tracks with a length of 600 metres

3.5. Scheduled projects
TCRT is in the process of preparing additional 20.000 m2 operational area with expected completion by mid 2021.

4.1. Information on charges
The following charges apply for the basic transshipment service in connection with transshipment between rail and road modes:

- Handling ground (parking) to waggon v.v., incl. inspection:  DKK 325.00/trailer or container

- Storage/day after 3 days (arrival and departure day included in count): DKK 50.00/trailer or container.

Special conditions may apply depending on startup provisions, volumes, frequency, time of operation and special customer requests.
Additional services are priced based on customer requirements.

4.2. Information on discounts
Not applicable.

Access conditions

5.1. Legal requirements
Rail access to the terminal (shunting and access fee) is subject to the service and charges as announced by DB Cargo for the shunting service and access through the DB Cargo shunting area.

5.2. Terms of use
After allocation of a terminal slot, the customer is bound by the following user rules. These rules contribute to the optimum use of the rail terminal. 

A. - at least 90% of the rail calls must take place within the specified terminal slot, with a
maximum deviation of 30 minutes from the agreed-upon arrival time

B. - at least 70% of the actual call sizes may not deviate from the planned call size by more
than or less than five moves

C. – if the agreed-upon slot times are deviated from due to delays elsewhere outside of the
terminal, the guarantee on (full) handling of all the trailers and containers that are to be transshipped is no longer valid. Handling takes place in consultation with the
customer, at the moment that the planning allows for this. If there is no capacity at the
terminal, TCRT will offer the next possible option. If the customer has a slot for another
train, the customer is free to make his own prioritisation, provided consensus has been
reached on this with TCRT at least eight hours before the slot commences

D. - in the event of a delay at the terminal, handling will be carried out in accordance with
the planning as much as possible

E. - if the agreed-upon volume to be handled is deviated from, TCRT reserves the right to
shorten the loading /unloading list in the event of more volume

If the first two points above are not met, TCRT reserves the right to withdraw the capacity.
The customer is informed of this four weeks in advance. If the customer disagrees with the
proposed decision, he or she can make this known within five working days after the date
of the decision.

It is not possible for third parties to provide services themselves, except ordinary functions for railway undertakings pertaining to their own equipment (waggons etc)

5.3. Technical requirements
5.4. Options for independently performing services
It is not possible for third parties to provide services themselves.

5.5. IT systems
No particulars.

Capacity allocation

6.1. Applications for access to the rail terminal
TCRT will handle requests for access and services as received. Conflicting applications are coordinated by TCRT on the basis of the priority criteria listed in section.

6.2. Conditions for access
After receiving a terminal slot application, the following prioritization is used for each type
of application.
· The application has been submitted is complete
· The application opens up strategic market areas, creates or strengthens the
binding of important customers to TCRT and Fredericia Shipping A/S
- The application contributes to the most efficient use of the available capacity of
the rail terminal
· The applicant already uses terminal slots and;
· The applicant has met the user conditions at other terminal slots in the current
annual planning

Standard Conditions
7.1. All services are carried out in accordance with Danske Havnevirksomheders Almindelige Betingelser, DHAB 2016, unless otherwise described in this service description.
DHAB 2016 is available on: www.fredericiashipping.dk/dk/Page6/Page65 (Danish version)